TJ Deaver | Photography + Design

“Phi Phenomenon” uses layers of intimate portraits to produce hypnotic images that celebrate the beauty of the human form. The phi phenomenon is the optical illusion of perceiving continuous motion between separate objects when viewed rapidly in succession. I chose to emphasize the human torso for its versatility and intricacies. Viewers are encouraged to find the beauty in these forms and celebrate the human figure.

Dancers understand the human form in a way that surpasses my understanding of even my own body. Dancers are an enigma — they appear to be non-human creatures with fascinating abilities. By layering images I am acting as a visual choreographer, making up a language based on movement that is the physical outcome of a dialogue between the dancer and the lens.

The layering of movements also mimics the way the human eye relays images. The eye acts as a camera with a shutter that is constantly firing; in fact, we do not see a completely continuous image. The eye relays these still frames to the brain which in turn creates the missing fragments giving us the illusion of continuous vision. By layering these images I ask the viewer to fill in the blanks and create the missing frames.

phi-phen-1.jpg phi-phen-2.jpg phi-phen-3.jpg phi-phen-6.jpg phi-phen-5.jpg phi-phen-4.jpg