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Posted on December 28, 2014 by tjdeaver on Photography, Film Photography, LGBTQ, Photography, Nude Photography, Photography

Phi Phenomenon

Well, I finally graduated and it’s been a long ride. I’ve seen such an evolution in my work over the years and I’m proud to share my Senior Capstone project, Phi Phenomenon with everyone.

The project, as many, was inspired from my obsession with the human form and it’s beauty. The series Phi Phenomenon uses layers of intimate portraits to produce hypnotic images that celebrate the beauty of the human form. The phi phenomenon is the optical illusion of perceiving continuous motion between separate objects when viewed rapidly in succession. I’ve always wanted to work with dancers and have been fascinated with these non-human enigmas. They understand the human form better than I understand my own body.

You can read my full artist statement in the Phi Phenomenon gallery.

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