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Posted on April 25, 2014 by tjdeaver on LGBTQ, Photography, Photography, Self Portrait Photography

Penumbra Book

It’s official, the Penumbra book is hot off the presses and now for sale on MagCloud!

 The photographs in the series, Penumbra, are created from interviews with gay youths about their life experiences with their sexuality. The coming-out process is terrifying in its own right but when coupled with the stress of struggling to fit into society, it can prove overwhelming. “Penumbra” is defined as the slightly illuminated space that dwells between the true darkness of the shadow and the area of absolute light. With the photos accompanied by handwritten testimonies, the book creates a visually jarring narrative; Penumbra doesn’t just reconcile darkness and light, it’s also my way of exploring the negative space. Through self-portraiture I create a visual narrative of these stories, which are often forgotten. Placing myself into these scenarios I am subject to my own reactions but ultimately became rooter in their myths and resolutions. Although photography is often thought of as a representation of events as they happened, in my work I attempt to make real what is not seen.

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