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Posted on February 6, 2016 by tjdeaver on LGBTQ, Photography, Photography, Self Portrait Photography

Google yourself sometime…

Formation Of Angst


So I was in the middle of burning the midnight oil and was curious to see (as we all are) what Google really thinks of me. Well apparently Google thinks about 152,000 different things about me or some other rendition of “TJ Deaver,” long story short I came across this article about my series Penumbra that I had never read before! It’s from the Hixon-Lied College at UNL (Go Big Red!) and I thought I should share it here and maybe start a habit of blogging more often.

Here’s a great little blurb!

The use of self-portraiture reflects an urgency of the art to express this collective experience. The artist inserts himself into these narratives to reflect his personal struggles with sexuality and to reinforce the universal difficulty of establishing an identity. The artist is subject to his own reactions to the stories, he said, but finds himself deeply rooted in their myths and resolutions. Thus, the artist becomes the medium onto which these stories are portrayed, giving them meaning, voice and representation.

So if you wanna read the short article you can click right here.

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