TJ Deaver | Photography + Design

A brief history of my work.

I grew up around here (NOVA) and took some time away from the east coast to study photography and design at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. I started attending UNL under the impression that I would study architecture, but after two years the fit still didn’t feel right. So after two years of rigorous architecture studios, I took what I learned and brought it to the College of Fine Arts.

While in school, I experienced a vast evolution in my conceptual work. My first series, Penumbra, really pushed boundaries. While enrolled in the Architecture College the courses were very regimented. Though that structure is very much a part of my process; photography granted me a new found freedom. This series was a huge turning point for me, both artistically and personally. After Penumbra, I decided to really delve into what makes me tick to discover what truly inspires me. The result was my senior thesis, Phi Phenomenon. That series brought me back to what inspired me to pick up a camera in high school: the human form. I’ve always had an infatuation with the human body, and it’s something that I wanted to, needed to explore further.

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